Republican Dinner

You’ll never guess what I’m doing Saturday night. :(

Going to a Republican dinner. HA. HAHAHAHA, I know.

I sort of got suckered into it…one of those sorta-work things that I found it hard to say no to to get out of. Jane just came in and said “Can you rustle up a date for this Saturday?” Long story short, she has two tickets to this Republican dinner thingy (at the Country Club—ooh la la) and a local celebrity (store owner) said he’d give her two more tickets if she wanted them. I told her I doubt I could rustle up anyone (especially not on such short notice) so Kathy (another agent from down the hall that’s close with Jane and Dick) is going to go. So, I didn’t really say I’d go or that I wanted to go, but it was just sort of assumed and before I could weasel my way out of it with some great excuse, I was meeting them at Jane’s at 5:30.

Oh boy.

Not only am I NOT political in the least, if I had to choose, I’d go with Democrat. Like I want to waste a night of my life listening to politicians babble about who knows what, just for a free $50 dinner?

But just think, Tom…you’ll surely get roped into this shit when you come home!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

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