PITA New Home Buyers

Wow. Having worked in real estate for just over two months (just over one if you don’t count my vacations!), I have to say that certain new home buyers are a TOTAL pain in the ass! We have one lady in particular…her file is about 1″ thick with all her correspondence about what she wants and doesn’t want and things she wants changed and added and deleted and things that don’t meet her approval. Oh. My. God. Every time she calls you know it’s going to be another problem. Nothing can be simple.

You want upgraded carpet padding? Fine. But not her…she only wants it on the second floor. Which necessitates a call to the builder to see if we can even do that and how much it is. Then she wants to buy her own windows. No. How about just the one picture window? No. Can you take this wall out? Yes. Can you change this wall to include an arch so we can put a window there? No. Where are those windows that are supposed to be there? You didn’t ask for them in time. Well I want them now. We’ll they are $250 each since they have to be reframed. I’m not paying $500 for two windows. Well then you’re not getting two windows. And I could go on and on and on.

You know what? If you have THIS many specifications, why don’t you build your own house from SCRATCH. Don’t come in to a pre-designed house and make 42 million changes. It annoys us AND it annoys the builder.

Granted not everyone is like this… but I certainly hope WE weren’t this bad!

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