Losing my mind.

So it’s 11 on a Friday night and what do you think I’m contemplating doing? Going to Walmart. Can you believe it?!? I think I’m losing my mind! I’m not super tired plus I haven’t been there in ages plus I’m hoping it wouldn’t be that busy this time of night… but do I really want to go out?? It would save a trip into town later this weekend, since I could in essence get everything I want in one place… but do I NEED to go? Not really. I will need to go to town sooner or later since I actually do need bread and eggs and cream…and I generally run my errands on the weekend so I don’t have to stay in town after work. But I’ve been hmmming and hawing for 20 minutes now as to whether or not I should actually go…thinking the trip will take an hour at the minimum (20 minutes there, 20 minutes back, plus at least 20 minutes to shop—but probably more) and do I really want to go out at 11? (Geez, it sounds like I’m 80 years old!) Part of me wants to go just to DO something, since I rarely do anything on the weekends anymore. (I know, I know…I’ve wanted my weekends off for three years and now that I have them off I don’t do anything! I will, though, when Tom gets home! I promise!) But part of me, even though I’m not that tired, just wants to crawl into bed and channel-flip. But I know if I don’t go now I won’t go at all—Walmart is NOT a place to go on a weekend afternoon… So now it’s 11:21 and I definitely could have been there by now. So it looks like I’ve procrastinated long enough that I won’t be going. And so goes my typical boring Friday night… LOL

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