Clean Sweep!?

Too bad this show is only looking for people in California…otherwise, I’d be signing up in a heartbeat!

So, I’ve decided this is what we have to do at our house (surprise, Tom!). We have actually discussed it before—but we both agree that we really don’t have that much big-stuff-type clutter to get rid of (I’ve seen the show and I don’t think we’re like the people they showcase)—but we have to do something because I’m tired of the clutter!

Here’s a good example that I was talking to our friends about… We probably have 3-4 large Rubbermaid containers of plain ol’ odds and ends crap. From when we moved from Virginia and just threw a bunch of shit in a container to not have to decide what to do with it or pack it. And once we moved here, and people were coming over and we had to hide a bunch of stuff quickly? Another container. And another. And how every so often I decide “THIS CRAP HAS TO GO!” and I make Tom drag out a box so I can go through it and either “put it away or throw it away” — yet at the end of the night, most everything is back in the container to be stored again?!


So, back to the friends. I said it’s obvious I don’t need any of that shit in there, but I just can’t throw it away because…I…JUST…CAN’T! I might need it someday, even though I obviously haven’t desperately needed anything in there YET. Well, Roger suggested I just throw the entire container away—sight unseen—that way I wouldn’t have to look inside and worry about what I was throwing away! I laughed, but I have to admit he has a valid point. At this moment, I couldn’t really tell you anything specific in any of those containers—so why do I need anything that’s in there? It’s obviously not that important. And I know if I even just peeked in there “just to see” then I would lose all momentum and I would be back to square one! (But I have to admit that sometimes I do find treasures…on my last “dig” through one of these junk containers, I found our wedding DVD—can you even imagine how sick I would be if I had tossed that? Although, if I tossed it without looking, I guess I would never know—and I would just assume I lost it!)

So, my goal, before Tom comes home, is to start getting rid of the small stuff. (My stuff, hon, don’t worry.) I may need help getting the boxes out of the attic (because that’s where I think they are) but I refuse to keep crap any longer. I’ve already started on a small scale (baby steps, baby steps)…I went through the bathroom cabinets and threw out lots of crap (like half-full bottles of products I don’t use anymore and don’t know if I ever will again).

My goal, once Tom does get home, is to get rid of even more crapola. Bigger boxes of crapola. Maybe even bigger chunks of crapola!? There, I’ve made the decision, LOL. (According to today’s Oprah, you have to make the decision in order for there to be any chance of success. If you start out by saying “I will try” then you’re already defeated. She was talking about weight loss, but I believe the theory still holds true here.)

So, with the TV show Clean Sweep as my guide, I’m hoping for a less clutterific house. Anyone want to come and help? I think we’re going to need a neutral third party!

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