Another Dud Weekend

I have such high hopes every weekend….and then nothing happens and before I know it, the weekend is over and it’s back to work.


So let me tell you about my EXCITING weekend. (I’m being sarcastic if you were unsure.) I went to town Saturday morning! WOO HOO! Can you feel the excitement begin? Let me just say it was bizzzzzz-e (as usual). First I went to BB&B looking for a hair trimmer—Tom will need one since I had to send him his—but I just couldn’t decide on one. Then I went to Petsmart to get cat food and litter, but thought litter was cheaper at Target so waited on that. I wanted to get a new water fountain because it looks SO cool, but couldn’t bring myself to spend $40 on a water fountain when ours still works fine.

Then I went to Target…and realized I forgot my receipt for the cold sore cream (one of the only reasons I went, to get my $2 back) so roamed around and got some water and litter. Then I decided to brave Walmart. And believe me when I say “brave Walmart.” If you’re laughing at me, you’ve obviously never been to our Walmart! I lucked into a parking spot after only driving up and down five rows (about five minutes) and it was only because someone was leaving. (I’ve often left Walmart because there was not ONE space to be had.) Anyway, it was not a very productive trip. I mean, I got what I needed but they didn’t have the things I wanted the most! NO PLACE AROUND HERE has the low-carb Doritos Edge chips anymore (I used to be able to get them at Walmart, Target, Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, and the commissary). NO PLACE AROUND HERE has Diet Vanilla Pepsi OR Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi in cans (I’ve never even seen it, but it’s not as frustrating as having something and then not having it)! Also, now that I know I love Emeril’s specialty sausages (I love the Chicken & Apple), no one has them (again, I used to be able to get them at Sam’s Club, Walmart, and the commissary)! Sometimes I wonder what the hell is up with this town. Give me a Glen’s or Meijers any freakin’ day of the week…

And so ends my exciting expedition to town.

The rest of my weekend was spent watching TV, watching movies, and for a moment or two, actually twiddling my thumbs because I was SO DAMN BORED. (No suggestions from the peanut gallery, thankyouverymuch. There’s stuff to do…I just don’t want to do it.)

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