It snowed!

Just to let you know, it snowed/hailed here in Iraq!!!! I told everyone to pack their shit, Hell froze over and it was time to go home! Tomorrow, we will try our test shot to see if we can move the database around. If it works, awesome, if not, I guess I will be going back to Ramadi. I hope it works, I have been busting my ass to get this thing rolling and I want to finish it. I guess I have drive after all. Also, I will be heading into the city to take a look at everything and to see where this shot has to go. I have to have one of the shots up Thursday, due to reporters. They want to have a dog and pony show, so there will be Iraqi and American reporters there. This might my my time in the spot light. LOL, I will give it over to my SGT, so he can be in the spotlight


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