Paint bought!

We finally decided on a few colors for some of the rooms so we braved the Memorial Day Weekend traffic and went to Fredericksburg to get our paint at Lowes (they had the brand of paint we wanted). The scans don’t do the colors justice, but are good enough for you to get an idea. (The blotches you see are the actual paint smears.)

Den (room with fireplace): We were leaning towards painting just the fireplace wall a maroon/reddish/wine color and painting the other three a light tan/suede color—to really draw attention to the fireplace as a focal point. However, we did end up deciding on all one color. We have a 6′ mirror for above the fireplace that I think we’re going to gold leaf or paint gold (depending on how expensive gold leaf is!).

Master Bedroom: We had planned on a sage of some sort to match our comforter, which was labeled as celadon…but NO paint samples named “celadon” even came close! We thought we had come to a decision, but changed our mind in Lowes. I hope it looks okay—the color was REALLY hard to match.

Master Bathroom: I knew I wanted some shade of lilac to match a shower curtain I just got (which matches the lilac accessories my Aunt Marge got us for Christmas). I wanted it light (because the bathroom is small) but dark enough to still know it’s a purple! The interesting thing about the purples is that I had picked out about 20 different cards—thinking any of them would be good…but when it came time to actually match them, there were red purples and blue purples and purple purples! I hope we succeeded.

Living room: Still deciding. No idea. I want it to go nicely with the Den and the Dining Room/Kitchen because you’ll be able to see both (all colors together, since it’s fairly open). And it also had to go nicely with our olive-greenish couches. We thought of a gold color, but our friends’ living room/dining room is gold and maroon and we don’t want to copy them! I am thinking a pumpkin-ish or cinnamon-ish color maybe…but again, it can’t be too dark. Tom is leaning towards a suede/leather faux finish in a light tan color. The more I think about it, the more I like that idea, too. I might also stencil something at a chair-rail level just for more personality.

Kitchen/Dining Room: Still deciding. But we’re thinking of doing a texture—either sand or something else. Originally we were worried we’d have to paint it SOMETHING in order to make the countertops look good (since we thought they’d be too dark or not matching) but they look okay so we’re not worried. We were thinking a light peach or rust???? Something sort of Mediterranean to match the floor.

Main Bathroom: A bright yellowish gold to match a shower curtain. I like the idea of bright since it’s an inside room with no windows. I wouldn’t mind a turquoise blue of some sort, but we want to use the same rug we have (which is a country blue) and I don’t think turquoise and country blue would go well. I’m taking the rug down to see if it fits. If it doesn’t, we will go turquoise.

The other bedrooms I’m not worried about at this point. I think we have our hands full with all the other rooms. We’re definitely doing the den, bedroom, and both bathrooms. The other rooms can wait.

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