Our mortgage guy called me at work to tell me the paperwork is done and the loan has been approved!! So, we’re FINALLY official!! Of course, I was totally geeked about it and couldn’t even think about working the rest of my shift, so my manager let me go home (it also didn’t hurt that we were overstaffed at the moment). The hardest part was not being able to share it with Tom right away—he’s out in the field for two days (most of you will probably have found out before he did!).


I got another call from our realtor to set up the actual closing time and to try and set up the walk-through with the contractor. That’s the only thing left, aside from the actual closing paperwork (which is still set for May 30). I called Tom and left him a message to call me ASAP because I was home early from work and had news for him! We’re still planning on going down in two weeks to see everything completed (and take pictures, before it all gets too hectic) and to have the inspection done. We really debated about having a home inspection (and when I say really debated, I mean REALLY debated) but decided “better safe than sorry.” So, we’ve got to get that scheduled. Hopefully it will work out so that we can do the walk-through with the inspector. If not, our realtor said he could do it.


After a flurry of calls from the realtor, we have finally set up the walk-through with the contractor. Since it’s nearly impossible for us to be there on a weekday (the only time they do walk-throughs), we’re going to do it right before the closing…so it’s going to be a busy day!


Tom called (on schedule, since he thought I worked until 6) and I told him the news. He didn’t quite believe me at first, but after I assured him the loan was a done deal, I admit I head a WAHOO from his end! Of course, he was totally geeked, too. HOMEOWNERS! OFFICIALLY! YIPPEE!

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