The waiting game…

April’s theme so far has been paperwork and worry. Lots of paperwork for the mortgage guy to confirm the credit reports and lots of worry on our part. There hasn’t really been anything specific to worry about—just the fact that we both have this feeling that something is going to go wrong—we can’t be this lucky to get this house. We did ask what could possibly screw this up now, and the mortgage guy said not much, but was honest and said that my transfer to Staples was a factor—since they figured our loan amount based on my current salary and what I told them I would be making in Jacksonville. They have a letter from my GM stating my guaranteed earnings and my intent to transfer, but I’ll surely (eventually) need a letter from Jacksonville stating their acceptance of my transfer and a confirmation of my earnings. Overall, it’s not expected to be a problem…it’s just a slight worry that they won’t accept my transfer because I make too much money (from the other retail jobs I’ve seen ads for, the going rate is about $2 to $3 less per hour than I make)…and they don’t HAVE to accept the transfer. So, we’re taking one day at a time.

On the fun side, we’ve been researching appliances and paint and everything house-related. Friends of ours recently bought a house, so they’ve been a wealth of information—including a subscription to Consumer Reports which we’ve been taking advantage of!! Tom has been busily researching shed plans, fence plans, and workshop plans. I’ve been thinking and rethinking paint colors for all the rooms and trying to arrange the rooms before we get there.

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