Shopping…and a phone call!

So last night we went to IKEA for “one last time” since there’s not one in NC…and we ended up finding the PERFECT dining room chairs. I’ve always loved the fabric covered look…and I absolutely HATE the ones that “came with” our table—they’re much too small and uncomfortable for my big butt and they’re not padded and they’re slippery. All-around yuck. But they matched the table and they were only $50 each (you get what you pay for). Sooo, anyway, as far as I’m concerned, they’ve served their purpose and it’s time for new ones. Anyhoo, I really only was looking for slipcovers (a la Trading Spaces!) but they didn’t have any good ones (just some 70s-looking stretchy tube-top-looking ones—not!) so we started looking at chairs. And I just LOVE these. They are birch, so they match our table (although they’ll be mostly covered up). And you can take the covers off to wash. They are a bit more expensive but they are SOOOO comfy and look so much more elegant! So, now I have to sell our current chairs. Hopefully someone around here will want to buy them. They’re like new, for pete’s sake, since we never sit at the table. Tom said to say “Used for 32 meals.”

So, while we were shopping, our cell phone rang. First, it scared the bejesus out of us because we didn’t know it was with us (it was in my purse and had been there who knows how long)—and second, who would be calling us on our cell??? It was Don, our realtor. He was just calling to say he was sitting in front of our house and wanted to let us know what was going on. They had put in the flooring, cupboards, and countertops—and the landscaping was done. LANDSCAPING? I knew they were going to throw down some grass seed, but actual landscaping? We must have missed that in the brochure. LOL So now, Tom and I are itching to go back down even more!! Unfortunately, the next few weekends are out—but we’re planning!!

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