A Whirlwind Week

We were going crazy thinking about stuff we never drempt we’d be thinking of. I actually think we were on autopilot for a few days. Of course I, being the organizer, immediately created a hanging folder for all the information and paperwork we had…plus I started a notebook for any questions we had and thoughts that occurred. I didn’t want to forget or overlook anything.

Of course, every 10 minutes we alternated between “WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE!” to “Something has got to go wrong. We won’t get this house. It was too easy.” After all, we hadn’t bought the house yet. In our excitement over the whole thing (and our total cluelessness as to the actual house-buying-process), we actually thought we had already bought the house! Silly, silly us—we had just signed a contract for the offer to purchase the house! (Oh, the things you learn after the fact!) We did still have to gather lots of paperwork for the mortgage company, but our agent assured us he didn’t anticipate any problems with us getting the loan.

Just to calm our nerves a little—and to hopefully prepare for future decisions—we spent some time at Home Depot looking at carpet and linoleum so we’d hopefully get an idea of what we liked before we had to make any decisions. We’d rather spend unhurried time here looking at everything and hashing it out—than end up having to spend three hours with the contractor arguing over minutiae. As it turned out, it’s a good thing we did this, because our real estate agent called us mid-week to tell us it was time to pick out our carpet—the contractor was moving along quite rapidly and he was ready! This really caught us off-guard because we assumed we’d have a few weeks, or maybe we could even stop by Lowes to pick out stuff (if that’s the vendor the contractor used). But nope—less than a week after we were in NC the first time, schedules were rearranged and we were headed back down! Unfortunately, I couldn’t take off the whole weekend, so we didn’t get to leave until Friday around 4 and I had to be back to work Sunday at 10.

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